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We Are Aquatic Management Specialists at Your Service

Keeping Waterways Healthy Is What We Do

Give the proper care that the aquatic resources in your property need with our help at The Pond Guys of Central Florida. Based in Central Florida, we provide aquatic management services, which include controlling weeds and algae, fish stocking, and more.

Our Mission and Vision 

The Pond Guys of Central Florida specializes in aquatic weed and algae management using only the most advanced technical and scientific procedures. We are prepared to meet all of your aquatic needs to the highest of standards, by employing certified applicators licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture.

About Us

We are a locally owned and operated business. When you hire us, we guarantee that you will see better work for better prices.

Our Clients 

  •  Commercial Properties with Retention Ponds
  • Gated Communities
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Personal Pond Owners
  • Homeowners/Landowners with a Pond or Lakefront
  • Golf Course Owners
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